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September 20
Issue #2

Happiness Rating Scale

I hope you enjoyed last month’s issue, “How to ‘No’ better.” Affirming your own boundaries is a step towards having the time, energy, and respect to live a life you can feel good about. This month, I’ve provided you with a little quiz, the Happiness Rating Scale. Answer the questions to evaluate how close or far away you are from enjoying your true self.

Rate how the following twenty statements reflect your life currently.

I agree with the following statements: Usually (3 pts) Sometimes (2 pts) Rarely (1 pt)

1. I have enough energy throughout the day.
2. I am comfortable with my physical appearance and sexuality.
3. I get enough sleep at night.
4. I drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.
5. I engage in a sport or physical activity several times a week.
6. I am true to my values.
7. I maintain a sense of hope about my future.
8. The choices I make for myself have increased my sense of well-being.
9. When I feel sad or frustrated, I take time to care for myself.
10. I am able to list at least five positive qualities about myself.
11. The amount of stress in my life feels manageable.
12. I can depend on my immediate family.
13. My social and intimate relationships bring me joy.
14. I have least one close friend and several social acquaintances.
15. I go out with friends at least four times a month.
16. I can express my feelings and needs to others.
17. There is a sense of purpose in my life and my actions.
18. I cope well in a crisis.
19. I have engaged in an enjoyable activity or hobby this week.
20. I can focus on a task or chore until I make progress.

Your Life Happiness Analysis:

This quiz is meant to rate the four core factors that contribute to a sense of happiness: Body, Mind, Love & Friendship, and Life Skills. The questions have been grouped in exactly this order. A score below 10 in any of the 4 areas indicates a “low” score; a score of 5 or below indicates an area of immediate concern.

Questions 1-5:
Body: A healthy body is a key component to a happy life, and is a reflection of how you care for yourself. Interestingly enough, physical needs can have direct and serious effects on your mental and physical functioning. A low score indicates a strong possibility that your physical wellness is being neglected.

Questions 6-10
Mind: Your mind rating is a score of your mind's clarity, ability, and motivation. Higher scores indicate clear and capable thinking, self-awareness, and the ability to take actions based on personal insight. A higher score indicates a greater sense of balance, while a lower score may indicate that your thought processes are impeding your ability to live the life you deserve. Something as simple as recognizing your thoughts may change the way you look at your life.

Questions 11-15
Love and Friendship: Your satisfaction in life is closely related to your ability to give and receive love in a healthy manner. This depends on how honest, healthy, and dependable your social network is, as well as the quality of the connections between you and your loved ones. Sharing your heart with another person is one of life's most glorious, terrifying, and rewarding experiences.

Questions 16-20
Life: Your life rating accounts for how satisfied, successful, capable, and balanced you are. It is based not only in your feelings about your inner and outer world, but also on your willingness to take actions to enhance your sense of fulfillment. This is not simply the sum of all parts, but the knowledge that your dreams are worth acting upon.

Once you become aware of what may be holding you back, you have made the first step in taking control of your own joy. Remember that it is just as important, if not more so, to appreciate the areas of yourself that are already healthy and enriching.

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