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Why Therapy?

Therapy is a way for you to help you. What I mean is that, by speaking with a good therapist, you can open up all the strengths and potential within you that have been waiting to come out. You know yourself better than anyone else, but you can’t see the forest from the trees. I want to help you see the things in yourself that make you who you are. In therapy, we will work to identify and enhance your strengths, and shed a flash of light to what it is inside you that is keeping you from being happy. While friends and family are wonderful supports, a trained therapist can help you when you feel stuck or your life isn’t the way you want it to be. Sometimes just talking to a therapist is helpful, but when you meet with me it’s going to be more than talking. I will listen to you, ask you the questions that are going to get you moving towards the future, and help you heal the things in the past that are weighing you down.

Why now?

If you think that things in your life, friendships, family, or relationship are not what you had hoped, let me listen to your concerns. I want to be your “flash therapist,” and provide the flash of insight that you need to make your life better. I believe that therapy does not have to take forever. If you are in the dark in any aspect of your life, let me be the flashlight during this time.  Together, we can figure out what’s not going right, what will make things better, and how we are going to get you there.


You are unique and different from everyone, and so my work with every individual, couple, and family is done in a way that is going to be feasible and helpful for the unique situation.

Some treatment options that I specialize in are:

  • Insight therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Solution Focused therapy
  • Communication counseling


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Lyora Zadik, MSW, GATC

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