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November 06
Issue #3

Four Things a Four-year-old Can Teach Us About Feelings

From a young age, we feel tremendous emotions. Children become devastated when their balloon pops, but the tears dry and another toy takes its place. Even arguments pass quickly. It can be comical to watch two children fighting over something as silly as who got the bigger helping of ice cream and then, ten minutes later, return to being the best of friends. Children are able to express their feelings without worrying about them, and as naturally as these feelings are expressed, they are let go.

Your life is undoubtedly more complicated. Maybe you wouldn’t cry because some takes   the last scoop of ice cream, but what if someone should take your job, partner, or your trust? What will you do? How can we feel our emotions but still move ourselves forward to the next experience?

Four things a four-year-old can teach us about feelings:

  1. Even if your feelings don’t make sense to anyone (or even to yourself), the feelings are still there.
  2. Sometimes you just feel like screaming and crying. It usually won’t change the situation, but even when nothing changes, you do feel better.
  3. Use your words. In situations where it is possible to talk about what is bothering you, use simple phrases to express your feelings:

I want/I miss/I don’t like/ I don’t know how to…

Play, even when things are boring or frustrating. Entertain and enjoy yourself just as you are, right now.

And lastly, play even when you lose. When a child gets hit in the head in a dodge ball game, he takes time to recover, but he will get back into the game. Just because you fall or get hurt, don’t stop playing.

Have a great month!

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